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Doane Family Association of America, Inc

The Doane Family Association of America, Inc. was originally organized to create interest and knowledge in the history, genealogy and welfare of the decedents of Deacon John Doane, who came to Plymouth Colony in 1630 by ship.  The focus of the organization has expanded over time to become focused on the history of coming to America and the various life struggles of the Doane Ancestry and all those whom their lives touched.  It might be said that this coming to America was and still is the very spiritual, social, and ultimately the story of America.  One people, under God determining their values over time.  Always experiencing change that is wonderful, and painful and sometimes shocking. 

Who belongs to the Doane Family Association of America?  All are welcome.  America is made up of many diverse peoples that have struggled and made progress over time.


We welcome anyone with surnames Doane, Doan, Done, Donne, or variations, their spouses, and dependents, as well as other interested persons.


However, there is no requirement of being a descendant of a Doane to be a member.  We invite you to become a member, join our subscriptions list for emails at the bottom of this page, ask us questions, or seek help with research regarding your family roots. This site has forms for you to fill out for membership, books, publications, newsletters, genealogy, conferences, and other activities.  The DFA is interested in all aspects of the settlement of the Plymouth Plantation.  Also called a colony, it was founded in 1620. It is fascinating how these early settlers managed to survive and work with the Indigenous peoples and what eventually became a stream of others from all parts of the world arriving and living in America.


The DFA is involved with DNA studies, historical research, genealogy, educational grants for bachelor level college education and other endeavors that tell the stories of America throughout history.  We do not have political affiliation and do not lobby.   Each page of this site has a menu at the top for easy navigation.  The "shop" button has our store with many things to purchase and a button for donations.

We hope you enjoy our site and find interest and value in the Doane Family Association of America.   We have members from numerous parts of the world and many in Canada.  Come along with us on our journey.
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