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Membership Information

Membership Types

Membership is available to anyone with the surname Doane, Doan, Done or variations thereof, and their spouses or descendants, as well as other interested parties.

Individual Life Memberships


Available to anyone regardless of age and has all the benefits due members with the exception of those under age 18 cannot vote or hold office.

Biennial (Two Year) Individual Membership

This is a two year membership that may be changed to a Life Membership or renewed as a two year membership.  The same benefits apply and those under 18 are unable to vote or hold office.


You can mail or email your completed membership form.  Emailed forms may be sent to doanefamily@  Postal mailed forms can be mailed to the address on the membership form.  We are able to accept US checks but none from other countries and can not accept any Money Orders of any sort.  Payment made by clicking on the payment button below will allow you to use many forms of payment by credit cards, debit cards, and checking/savings accounts safely and easily.  You will receive email receipt for your payment and need not send further payment when mailing your membership form. We have changed our system to better serve our membership and those from Canada and throughout the world to be a part of the Doane Family Association oranization.  If you have decided to join us  -  welcome!  Thanks! 

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